Self-massage, as the name makes evident, is the simple act of massaging yourself.

However, it can be much more in-depth than simply putting some oil on your back for a few minutes each day. Daily self-massage can be useful for insomnia, depression, sluggishness, dry skin, or even a scattered main. It is a time-tested method of improving your health while promoting wellbeing.

Some of the best reasons to consider daily self-massage are listed below.

You Can Rejuvenate Your Mind and Body

Simply taking 10 minutes out of your morning each day for a self-massage can help you start the day off right. If you are looking forward to an energetic day ahead, an intense massage can vitalize your body and mind. This can be especially useful if you’ve been feeling sluggish or overly fatigued. On the other hand, a gentle and leisurely massage while you focus on your breathing can help your body relax and cause your mind to slow down.

You Can Detoxify Using Your Largest Organ 

Your skin is actually the largest organ of your body, and daily self-massage can offer a chance to detoxify from some of the impurities and toxins that collect inside of you. Massage can help flush out some of these things through the skin and make you feel better in the process. However, be careful with any delicate tissue if you are recovering from an injury or a surgery and reduce pressure if anything begins to hurt.

You Can Help Aid in Digestion

If you choose to massage your stomach, it can help you with digestion. Start by rubbing the area on the lower right side of your stomach near where the appendix is. Use a finger-kneaded, deep type of message, and work upwards until just below your rib cage. The best method is using firm circular motions to go up, across, and then down towards the initial starting area on the other side of your abdomen. You can repeat several times as necessary.

You Can Alleviate and Stave Off Headaches

When you feel a headache coming on, you can massage the bridge of your nose and top of the eye socket with two fingers to help. There are other self-massage options on your face to help with different ailments you might be experiencing. For sinus pain, you can massage along your cheekbones near your ears to cut down on congestion. For any of these massages, using essential oils can also create a more pleasant experience and help with pain.

You Can Create a Healthy Self-Care Routine

Self-massage is one of the best forms of self-care that you can implement into your day. It gives you a few minutes every day to show a bit of love and kindness to yourself before you head off to work, school, or wherever else the day takes you. Even taking 10 minutes for a massage each day can help you relax and take on the day with everything you have in you.

The Q-Flex Self Acupressure Device

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