It’s not uncommon for people to feel as if their memory is getting worse as they age. However, even those who are young and fit can incorporate methods of improving their memory. While it used to be believed that once memory started to slip, there was no way to stop it, we now realize that isn’t the truth. In fact, there are many ways to improve your memory on an everyday basis so you can be at your best.

Take Time to Meditate

One of the best things you can do for your memory is meditation. This practice can actually offer positive effects to your health in a range of different ways. Studies have shown that relaxation techniques like meditation can help improve short-term memory in people of all ages. Meditation is a soothing and relaxing practice that can also lower your blood pressure, alleviate pain, and reduce stress.

Get Adequate Sleep

It can be hard to get enough sleep every night, but making it a priority can help with poor memory. Sleep is responsible for tasks involving memory consolidation, so you need plenty of it to turn your short-term memories into memories you remember for a lifetime. However, those who frequently get too little sleep may experience negative impacts to their memory.

Spend Time Exercising

Exercise is essential for your physical health, but it also plays a part in your mental health. There is research that shows that getting regular exercise can improve memory in those of all ages. Even spending as little as 15 minutes doing moderate cardio can increase cognitive performance. Getting enough exercise has also been shown to decrease the risk of dementia in those who are middle-aged.

Watch Your Weight

It might not seem like your weight would affect your memory, but studies show that it does. Having a healthy body weight offers better well-being, while obesity can lead to cognitive decline. Studies of those between 18 and 35 of varying body mass index showed that the unhealthy individuals did worse on memory tests.

Do Some Brain Training

Those who want to have some fun while ensuring great memory can try playing some brain games. These are effective ways of helping your memory and can come in a variety of types. Everything from word recall games and crosswords to mobile apps can help you strengthen your memory. Studies also show that these games can help reduce the risk of dementia.

Eat Anti-Inflammatory Foods

When it comes to diet, anti-inflammatory foods have been shown to help with memory improvement. Antioxidants help lower inflation and can be found in foods like vegetables and fruits. People who ate a large amount of these foods tend to have a lower risk of dementia and cognitive decline than others.

Implementing any of these options can help improve your memory and keep you at a lower risk of things like dementia as you grow older. By using three or four of these tips, you give yourself a significant leg up when it comes to memory and brain health. Most of these things won’t even add much time to your day.


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