The Detox and Cleanse Diet Breakdown

It feels like everyone you know on social media is touting the benefits of the latest detox or cleanse that’s “transforming their health” but are these worth all of the hype they are receiving? To fully understand how a detox or cleanse diet works, it’s important to understand the point of them first.

Toxins in your body

The general point of a cleanse or detox diet is to rid your body of unwanted toxins. We are exposed to toxins everywhere on a regular basis from processed foods, pollution, and various environmental toxins. It’s pretty hard to avoid exposure to toxins but you can do some good by eliminating harmful ingredients from your skin care and food and drink. Toxins can really add up and cause many health issues so it’s important to limit these toxins whenever possible. It’s important to know that your body naturally detoxifies itself as this is the primary functions of your liver and kidneys. If you are being overexposed to toxins, this can cause those organs to become overworked and that’s where a cleanse can become helpful.

Types of detoxes and cleanses

Most of the time people use “detox” and “cleanse” interchangeably but most of these programs fit into one of three different categories: replacing solid food with only liquid for a certain period of time, restricting your diet to only foods with detoxifying properties to help improve your liver and kidney function, and restricting your diet to cleanse and improve your gut health. While there are certainly some benefits to these programs, there is no scientific evidence to show that they can really improve your overall health long term. Of course, removing bad foods from your diet for any length of time will naturally lead to some quick weight loss and initial improvements in how you feel. The problem is that if you don’t aim to shift the way you eat long term, once you finish the detox or cleanse, you will fall back to your old habits and gain the weight right back.

The most important thing to realize is that every person is different and will react differently to these various diet programs. As long as you are focusing on a nutrient-based approach, you can become your very own science experiment and try different things to see what has the best results for your specific health issues. There is no one size fits all solution to improving your health and losing weight so you need to try different programs and see what truly works for you.

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