Nausea can be frustrating and many people would do almost anything to make the sensation stop. Rather than relying on medications, there are other options. Whether you have nausea from motion sickness, morning sickness, or anxiety, acupressure is an option that just might change your life. You can get rid of nausea in minutes by putting pressure on certain areas of the body.

Not sure you believe it? Give it a shot. Below we’ll share some of the best techniques for cutting down on nausea so you can relax and start to feel better.

Nei Guan (PC6) Pressure Point

The first pressure point you may want to manipulate if you’re experiencing nausea is known as the Nei Guan point. A review done in 2013 shows that acupuncture in this area can help with vomiting and nausea after surgery. Acupressure has many of the same benefits so this is a great place to work with before moving on to additional pressure points.

The Nei Guan pressure point is located on the inner wrist just below the bottom of the hand. Press on the point for a few seconds and then switch to the other arm. This can be done repeatedly until you start to feel better. In addition to being used for post-surgery nausea, this point can also help with general upset stomach and motion sickness.

Youmen (KID21)

The Youmen pressure point is found on both sides of the upper stomach. To find this spot, manipulate the area just below your breastbone. According to experts, acupressure done in this area can help prevent or reduce the incidents of vomiting and nausea in pregnant individuals.

While this pressure point has been shown to work, it can be hard to apply pressure on oneself in the area. If you would like to try this pressure point, someone else may need to apply the pressure for you. You can also use a tool like the Q-Flex to better access areas of the body that are hard to reach with only your hands.

He Gu (LI4)

This is another pressure point for nausea and other forms of an upset stomach. It’s also one that can easily be manipulated on your own. He Gu is a pressure point that you will find on your hand. It’s located between the index finger and thumb and relates to your large intestine.

Experts in acupressure have found evidence that applying pressure to this area can help with nausea associated with general pain, headaches, and digestive pain.

Accessible Acupressure for Everyone

Nausea isn’t something that anyone wants to experience. When it occurs, you likely want it to stop as quickly as possible. Rather than taking medication and waiting for it to start working, acupressure points can be utilized to start the process of ending nausea as quickly as possible. With dozens of pressure points across the body, acupressure is a great way to soothe many bodily ailments as soon as they start. Try Q-Flex to get started and take control of your life!


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