Just like your body might get certain aches, strains and pains in the summer or spring, so too can the transition from warm to cold weather bring about seasonal stiffness due to all kinds of issues. As a prime example, consider what one medical group had to say about winter joint pain: “The Weather Channel conducted a survey on the topic and found that 42 percent of respondents said that their hip, knee or back pain was triggered by the cold weather…But most of us don’t need anyone to tell us that it’s a lot more pleasant to walk outside when it’s 70 degrees and sunny than 17 and snowy. We can simply feel it—cold, tight, achy and painful.”

The cold does, indeed, cause the body to behave differently. Exposed to colder temperatures, our muscles will experience two very specific reactions:

  • They lose their heat
  • They contract

When muscles contract and tighten, it opens the door for injury because our range of motion is suddenly far more limited than normal. Just think of how much you can move and stretch after a good workout or a period of physical activity. All of the heat and blood flow supports your bodily movements.

While exercise is important for both muscle and joint  health and comfort, as well as keeping the body warm throughout the colder weather (indoors and out), you also need to consider alternative treatments. Most health experts would say that drinking more water is a great way to ease winter pain and aches because it “helps you maintain an adequate blood volume so that nutrients can move through our blood and into your joints,” and muscles. They would also suggest warm baths on a more frequent basis, and even an anti-inflammatory diet.

All point towards massage and self-massage as a great remedy for winter aches and pains, too.

Self-Massage Eases Winter’s Worst

Warm oil massage is well-known for helping to boost circulation and relax muscles, it will cut down bouts of inflammation by bringing blood flow to the area. It is also great for allowing muscles to stop contracting and supporting joints more – eliminating that pain.

Some techniques recommended by runners and athletes who must endure winter’s cold include:

  • Gliding – Use an open hand to apply long, deep strokes to the legs, arms, abdomen or sides of the body. Ten strokes with light to deep pressure, and always in the direction of the center of the body ease tension and pain
  • Drumming – The side of an open hand or a gentle fist makes a great tool for drumming massage. This is as it sounds and asks you to just gently beat the area to get muscles to relax and circulation to improve.
  • Pressing – Use one hand to just gently squeeze the area of pain, and move upward or inward towards the body’s core. Pressing and squeezing contracts muscles and gets a great response

That is all it takes to use self-massage to address winter aches and pains, and you should also consider investing in tools that reach other areas such as the back, neck and shoulders.





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