Many people feel mood changes as both an emotional and physical response, and while exercise, a healthy diet, and exposure to full-spectrum lighting can help to address the symptoms, acupressure is also recommended.

Why? According to one college study, “Mood swings may have several causes that include chemical and hormonal imbalance, stress, PMS, medication usage, and diet. Various types of physical illnesshappy guy can also cause mood highs and lows. Acupressure has been shown to stabilize mood by treating hormone imbalance symptoms.”

It is noted for addressing such issues as mental fog, focus issues, insomnia and sleep disruption, headache and irritability. And while medical experts have all kinds of medication regimens they can suggest, acupressure experts have found that addressing the bodily energies rather than focusing exclusively on hormones can generate positive outcomes.


The Qi

At the heart of any acupressure treatment is the desire to rebalance the body’s Qi or energy. Acupressure addresses the problems and symptoms caused by mood swings through that rebalancing of the body’s natural energy flows. It is a holistic approach that looks at all of the body’s systems and which seeks to address any problems within them through targeted treatment.


Where to Apply Pressure

If you are eager to see if basic acupressure can help improve your mood, we have the following suggestions:


Third Eye Point

If you use your index and middle fingers and press directly on the crown of the head and between the eyebrows (simultaneously), you are opening the energy channels of the Third Eye and will feel clarity, calm and an improved mood


Brains Door

Find the midpoint of the back hairline in the depression on the uppermost edge of the little valley at the bottom of the skull. Take two fingers and press gently on this area for three minutes. This opens the brain’s door and helps to calm anxiety and balanced breathing.


Heart 7

This is a pressure point on the wrist and not the heart, but it manages to create a more balanced mood when activated. You just find where your arm meets your hand (at the wrist). On the side towards the little finger, in the middle of the two bones at the edge, apply pressure for two minutes, and you will feel an instant increase in positivity

These three points are well-known for increasing a sense of calm or encouraging a positive outlook. They can also ease some aches and pains in the head, neck, and shoulders. Feeling better is easier than ever when you test some acupressure points known for rebalancing energy, enhancing mood, and lifting the spirits. The next time you are having a bad day, take a few minutes to test them out and see how quickly stress fades.


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