Are you looking to enjoy a more positive existence on a day to day basis? Whether you’re searching for long-term happiness or you’re only in a funk and want to beat it, acupressure is an option that can help. Sometimes, things get hectic and finding time to boost your mood can be a challenge. Using pressure points that make you happy, you can improve the way you feel in a matter of minutes.

What Acupressure is All About

Acupressure is a form of traditional Chinese medicine and it has been around for centuries. The idea behind the practice is that energy (or Qi) of the body flows along certain lines of the body (called meridians). Each of the points connects to specific organs of the body. When you apply pressure to the points, it can help relieve pain, aching, stress, and anxiety.

Below, we’ll look at a few of the pressure points that can help you enjoy a positive mood, even when the world seems to be plotting against you.

Heart 7 Pressure Point

This is a pressure point that is located on the wrist and it’s known for offering relief from worry and anxiety when it is stimulated. However, you have to make sure the pressure is in the exact right place for this to help. The point is found right where the hand meets your arm at the side near your pinky. It’s found between the pisiform and ulna bones.

Use firm pressure in a downward motion to work with this pressure point. You can hold the pressure for 60 to 120 seconds to release some of the pressure you’re feeling. It can give you a more positive outlook and make a tough day a little bit easier to deal with.

Third Eye Point Pressure Point

To stimulate the third eye point (also known as governing vessel 20), take your middle and pointer fingers and press them against the crown or your head and between your eyebrows at the same time. Based on Chinese medicine, stimulating both of these points can boost your mood, create clarity, and make you feel calmer.

What’s great about this pressure point is that it can also help with clearing your sinuses so it offers both mental and physical benefits. Put pressure on the points for around two to three minutes to get the full effect.

Lung 1 Pressure Point

The last point to help with a positive day is lung 1, which can be found by crossing your arms in an x over your chest and then letting your arms fall naturally. When you press both of these areas on the ribcage, it helps you breathe more deeply and release any negativity being held in the body. This exercise can be done several times a day to ensure you keep a great attitude throughout.

If you’re having a stressful day and you want to enjoy things a bit more, any of these acupressure points can be used. Take some deep breaths, put pressure on the points for a short period, and move on with your day. It might be surprising how much stress relief it can offer.


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