Acupressure is noted as a great way to alleviate pain and treat a long list of illnesses. Did you know that it is also great for enhancing concentration, memory and mental clarity? As experts have said, “Our brain keeps functioning all the time and at every point. To keep it focused and relaxed is the biggest challenge one can have. Even as you sleep, your brain slows down but keeps performing its function.”

Unfortunately, stress and factors like aging can cause us to lose mental clarity, and we can turn to acupressure to help. This is because it is a form of ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine that uses massage-like pressure or hair-thin needles to stimulate energy in certain pathways (also called meridians) and unclog or rebalance them.

What Issues Can Be Addressed?

Modern people use umbrella terms like “stress” to describe any number of emotional issues and upsets. However, stress for others might mean something less emotional and more about an inability to focus or easy distraction, and these patterns may create a sense of stress because they prevent creative work or interrupt important projects. The good news is that stress, imbalance, distraction…these are all terms that can be used to describe issues acupressure is known to treat or alleviate.

As another expert has said, according to the tenets of TCM, “disharmony of the mind leads to everything from poor concentration to insecurity, confused thought, anxiety, forgetfulness, restlessness and even insomnia too, all of which can be remedied using,” basic acupressure.

How Is It Done?

There are many meridians, but those used for mental clarity include Ba Hui, Yang Bai, Yin Tang, and Shui Gou. All of them are on the head, and by using basic acupressure techniques on these areas, the Qi or energy can begin to flow as designed. The points do not have to be used in sequence or all at once. Applying acupressure to just one or two of them may have an almost immediate impact on clarity and mood.

Basic acupressure technique involves pressing with one or more fingertips and using a round or up and down movement to offer deep relief.

The main areas to use to address mental clarity are found in the following spots:

Ba Hui – This is at the crown of the head and found by following the line from the backs of the ears and up to the center of the top of the head. The point is in the small hollow found there

Yang Bai – This is located a single finger’s width above the eyebrow and between the eyes

Yin Tang – This is the “third eye point,” and is between the eyebrows where your forehead and the bridge of the nose meet

Shui Gou – This is 2/3 of the way up from the lip to the nose and is triggered by pressing into the gum

There are also points at the base of the skull and in the hollows on both sides, as well as the muscles below the base of the skull.

Whether it is to relieve stress or boost clarity, you will find that acupressure at any of these points will come as a tremendous relief.

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