One of the most common sleep disorders is insomnia, which can make it challenging and nearly impossible to get to sleep and stay that way. Individuals who struggle with insomnia can find it challenging to get around eight hours of sleep a night that medical professionals recommend. Insomnia can be short-term and last a few days or weeks. It can also last longer and be an issue for months or even years.

Whether you have trouble sleeping every night or only on occasion, acupressure can make it easier to get much-needed rest. The process of acupressure involves using touch to manipulate and add pressure to certain points of the body to help with mental and physical health.

Acupressure can be done by a professional but it can also be done on your own using a tool like Q-Flex. This article will look at a few of the options you have for getting to sleep by using simple acupressure techniques.

Wind Pool Pressure Point

One of the areas you can stimulate for sleep is the Wind Pool point. It’s located on the back of your neck. It can be located by reaching for the mastoid bone, which is found behind the ears, and then moving from that to the area where the muscles of your neck attach to the skull.

For insomnia, clasp your hands together and then slowly open the palms while the fingers are kept locked together. This will create a cup shape with both of your hands. Next, take your thumbs and apply strong pressure toward the skull with circular motions. Continue massaging for about five seconds while taking deep breaths as you do so.

Inner Frontier Gate Point

This pressure point is even easier to access and apply pressure to than the last point. It’s called the Inner Frontier Gate is located between the two tendons found on the inner area of the forearm.

When you need to get to sleep quickly, arrange your hands so that the palms face up. Use one of your hands and go about three to four finger-widths down from the crease on the wrist on the other arm. Use a steady descending pressure in the middle of the tendons in this area. You can use a circular motion to massage for up to five seconds to relieve insomnia and get to sleep.

Spirit Gate Point

The third acupressure point you can use to sleep is called the Spirit Gate and can be found on the outer wrist at the crease. This spot is located under the pinky finger.

When you are treating insomnia, you’ll want to find the hollow part of the area and put gentle pressure on it in a circular motion. This can be done for up to three minutes in total. Put pressure on the left side for a few seconds and then switch to the right. After you’re done, move to the other wrist.

Treat Insomnia Naturally

Most people have trouble sleeping from time to time and acupressure can be used to get yourself back into a normal sleep routine. Try a tool like Q-Flex to make manipulating different areas of the body easier than it would be by hand. You’d be surprised by how many positive effects acupressure can have on the body!


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