How To Relieve Anxiety and Stress with Acupressure

Anxiety is a common problem that nearly everyone experiences at some point during their life. Mild symptoms can occur when you experience a stressful or challenging situation. More several symptoms can occur for some people, including panic, restlessness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and more.

While anxiety is often treated with medication, therapy, or both, there are also alternative treatments like acupressure that can help. This practice involves stimulating pressure points on your body using your hands or a device like the Q-Flex.

The Hall of Impression Point

This pressure point is located directly between your eyebrows and can help with stress and anxiety when you apply pressure to it. When using this pressure point, you want to sit in a comfortable space and close your eyes. Using your thumb or your index finger, touch the area between your eyebrows. As you take deep, slow breaths, you should apply gentle but firm pressure using a circular motion for about five to 10 minutes

The Heavenly Gate Point

You’ll find this pressure point on the upper shell of your ear in a triangle-shaped hollow and stimulating it can help with insomnia, anxiety, and stress. To locate this specific point, you may want to use a mirror rather than relying on touch alone. Once you find the area, apply gentle, firm pressure in a circular motion for about one to two minutes.

The Shoulder Well Point

As you might expect by the name, the shoulder well is located in your shoulder muscle. The best way to find it is by pinching the muscle between your thumb and middle finger. Massaging this area can help with headaches, muscle tension, and stress. However, it can also induce labor, so it should not be used while pregnant.

The first thing you need to do is find the area on the shoulder muscle and pinch it between your fingers, as described above. Next, you should apply gentle, firm pressure using your index finger or Q-Flex and massage it for about five seconds. Make sure that you release the pinch while you give yourself the massage.

The Union Valley Point

You’ll find this pressure point located in the webbing in between your index finger and thumb, and it can reduce neck pain, stress, and headaches. This is another pressure point that can be used to induce labor, so avoid it if you are pregnant. Otherwise, apply firm pressure to the webbing using your thumb and index finger of the other hand. Take slow, deep breaths while you massage the area for four or five seconds.

The Inner Frontier Gate Point

This pressure point is located on your arm at around three finger widths from the wrist. Applying stimulation to the point can reduce anxiety while relieving pain and nausea. Turn your hand so the palm faces up and find the point using your other hand. It will be found just in between the tendons in a small hollow. You want to add pressure to this area and massage for about five seconds.

If you’re experiencing mild or moderate anxiety or stress, acupressure using these pressure points can help alleviate the symptoms. However, those with serious anxiety may want to seek additional assistance from a physician as other methods may help in combination with acupressure.


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