Acupressure originated in China as a form of therapy that involves treating illnesses and diseases by putting pressure on specific areas of the body. It is believed that this can create healing in the human body. Rather than using needles like acupuncture, acupressure can be done with nothing more than the fingers. However, products like Q-Flex can also be used to make the process easier for beginners.

Acupressure Benefits

Acupressure is used to relax and bring relief to the body and mind. It can be used to stop pain, notably in the back and neck. It can be used to help with menstrual cramps, nausea, and headaches. It’s also useful for building up the immune system and creating proper digestion. Acupressure can increase blood circulation to prevent wrinkles and supply oxygen to the skin to prevent early aging. It can even help with things like anxiety and depression.

How Acupressure Works

Acupressure involves having certain points on the body manipulated while sitting in a comfortable space. The thumb, fingers, and knuckles are typically used to create gentle but firm pressure. Depending on what the acupressure is for, it may be repeated several times with breaks in between. Acupressure can be self-administered or one person can use acupressure on another.

The Basic Acupressure Process

You can do acupressure on yourself in the comfort of your own home. The most important thing is finding the correct pressure points so that you relieve pain instead of creating more of it. As you practice, you’ll get used to the most common pressure points and easily manipulate them on your own body. Below are a few tips you can use to make the process as simple as possible.

When giving yourself acupressure, you need to be stable and patient. You should be aware that pain relief may not be immediate. Acupressure requires patience and the ability to work through the process consistently. Over time, the pain may start to decrease. In some cases, it may stop permanently.

While doing acupressure, work slowly and gradually. You may want to start with lying down somewhere comfortable with your eyes closed. Breathe in and out for a few minutes and then use your hands to apply light pressure to the pressure points for one to three minutes. Change up the intensity of the pressure based on how you feel.

If you have cuts, scrapes, or other injuries, avoid doing acupressure on those points. When you manipulate the points, you may feel warmth and tingling, which signifies that the blood is circulating and healing may occur. After finding the right pressure point, make sure to apply pressure only on that area. If it doesn’t feel right, try sites nearby until it seems to be helping.

Acupressure has been used for thousands of years and can help with all sorts of injuries and illnesses to the body. Learn the basics of how to do it and you will have a natural method of relieving pain right at home. Tools like the Q-Flex can help you reach spots that might be hard to manipulate by hand. Give it a shot and see what acupressure can do for you.


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